Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thank you for the Expansion

Thank you for the part you have played in my glorious expansion. I am beginning to see the perfection in it all.

Thank you for treating me like dirt so that I would find my divinity.

Thank you for telling me I was 'less than' so that I would know that I was All That Is in human form.

Thank you for hitting me so that I would become a match to great gentleness and respect.

Thank you for hating me and inspiring me to hate myself so that I would come to know this great Love I now have for myself.

Thank you for calling me disgusting names so that I would call myself Beauty and Love and Perfection.

Thank you for controlling me so that I would come to find perfect freedom.

Thank you for putting me down when I was happy so that I would come to not care one fig what others think of me and to live my joy freely expressed.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Let Go of your Barriers to Loving

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. ~ Rumi

For all my life, I believed that my mate should have this or that quality for our relationship to work out. I was picky about the kinds of qualities I wanted in a man.

I woke up to the realization that Rumi is right ~ my pickiness was merely my way of putting up barriers to opening my heart completely to a man. I was afraid. I was afraid that he could do or say something that would break me. I was afraid that in embracing the one I was with, I would be keeping myself from the 'perfect' one: a man who would have every quality that would delight me forever. Ha, the truth is, I was just afraid!

Over time, I fell in love with myself. Interestingly, when you love yourself, fear subsides. I mean, who can hurt you really when you adore yourself without reservation? So I decided it was time to leap by opening my heart up wide. I chose to see the man in my life with my heart wide open and to receive him as he really is. Ah, so easy to fall in love with someone that way! When we regard someone with an open heart, we see only their beauty!

It is magical now to be in this relationship. He is still the same person (and lest you be in doubt, he has many of the qualities I desire). We irritate one another sometimes and argue now and again. However, my vision that has changed. I see him through the eyes of love, and as such, although neither of us is perfect, our relationship is. It is a perfectly evolving entity. The perfection was there all along, in the perception of the heart.

Love you all,

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Life as a Sensual Adventure

When I was 12, life was a sensual adventure. So much of my psychic energy was spent basking in how it felt to be alive. I would ride my bike and feel the wind in my hair. Or I would walk through the woods, paying keen attention to the way it felt as my shoes sunk into the moist earth on my path. I loved to be active, playing volleyball or basketball with wild abandon, throwing myself headlong into the game. It didn't matter if I were good at it, I did it for the pure pleasure of moving my body, for the pleasure of being in my body and just being alive.

Lately, I have been wanting to feel more alive. I decided to tune into the 12-year-old me and remember what it was like to be back then. I walked in the park barefoot one afternoon, and bam! I was right back there in the remembering....

It was so good and so deliciously free that I decided to tune into her whenever I started to feel a bit off. I have been doing that the past few days, and I can report that it is magic. In the vibe of my 12-year-old self, I fret about nothing. Beneath that fretting all along has been a wild excitement for what is ahead. I had not realized how divine life could be when I got back to trusting that everything is already being taken care of, and I can just enjoy my life. In that vibe, there is nothing to worry about. There is only, 'what is the next thing I could do that would be fun?'

I invite you to give it a try. Think back to a time in your life when you felt amazingly wonderful and free. Perhaps you were tiny; maybe you were a teen or a young adult. Just find that place and set an intention to tune into it. Let yourself be guided by that 'you.' And enjoy.

I love you.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hugged by the U

Lately, I have been feeling as if my beloved is hugging me lovingly from behind, as if to say 'I have your back. I adore you. You are wonderful. We are in this together.' I know it is because I am opening to receiving love in a whole new way. When I get quiet, it feels, too, as if the Universe is cradling me in its loving, adoring arms. I am like a newborn babe in the arms of its mother ~ trusting, knowing it is loved, at peace.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dear World ~

We have chosen this title "Dear World" with great love and care, for you are so very dear to all of us here. You are our beloveds. Never doubt the perfection of the love with which we embrace you.

We look upon you as a mother looks upon her precious newborn baby ~ with admiration, pride, unconditional love, and the desire to see him receive every wonderful thing he will ever desire. This is how we love you. It is true that the sun shines just for you and the wind wants to play in your hair.

We want most for you to play and delight in this world (Earth) that has been created just for you.

We watch you as a mother watches her child explore and play. We clap at each new discovery you make and smile to see your joy.

Your joy is our joy.

With love~